Quality assurance is the focus of what Celex is all about. Our GMP certified facility is the
representative of what quality means to our company.


In order to gain Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, Celex follows a set of guidelines regulated by official agencies in Canada. This includes a system of processes, procedures and documentation that are mandatory to be followed to assure that all products manufactured has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that appear on the product label. GMP certifications protect consumers to guarantee high quality and to ensure no risk to the public. The high level of standard to keep GMP certification is what guarantees our products of quality.

Our facility has been designed to reduce the possibility of any contamination from outside sources. We have highly advanced security systems installed to help prevent any unauthorized personnel from accessing the building.

An important part of manufacturing health supplements, is the importance of keeping all surrounding and equipment clean. Our well-trained maintenance team helps keep all equipment functioning to a set of pre-determined quality standards. In order to keep up with innovation, our equipment receives upgrades and maintenance every year. All staff must be trained to follow the GMP regulations in order for us to operate as a GMP certified facility. Our staff are extensively trained by already experienced professionals to satisfy GMP regulations, and are trained until ready to operate machines and follow procedures.

Preceding the manufacturing process, all raw materials received go through a strict review process by our Quality Management team. Our Quality Management team ensures that all raw materials are properly received, stored, sampled, and tested before being used in production. For every ingredient, we test for identity, microbial, and chemical purity, quantity and potency. In post-production, we retain samples of all production lots in the case of further testing or quality checks required.

We strive for continuous improvements in our manufacturing process. Our system is continuously evaluated to ensure Increased efficiency and productivity, and decreased of preventative costly errors and lost time. On-site regulatory consultation service, analytical quality control and 3rd party lab validation help evaluate our quality system on a regularly basis.