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Cranberry Plus 400mg with Juniper Extract 90 Vegan Capsules

  • Premium Cranberry Plus gives you all the superfood nutritional content of fresh raspberries in the convenience of an easy to swallow capsule. Recommended for people who struggle with urinary tract infections. Helps your system work smoothly with better health. All without harsh, expensive pharmaceuticals.
  • Full 400mg of Cranberry Extract. Experts recommend this dosage once 3x per day for maximum benefits. Also good for dental health for fewer cavities and to help avoid stomach ulcers. This is a rich antioxidant that helps slow aging for a healthier, younger you. A high-quality formulation that is safe and gentle for your system.
  • Natural Licorice 100mg extract helps soothe gastrointestinal problems including ulcers, heartburn, and irritation of the stomach lining. Helps restore digestive balance. Boosts immunity while reducing inflammation with highly beneficial glycyrrhizic acid. Take this and feel better within days. Continue week after week for optimal improved health.
  • Safe with Healthy Natural Ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial colors. Also no wheat, gluten, or dairy. People with sensitive digestion and urinary tract challenges can take this natural cranberry formula with confidence. Be sure to stock your cabinet with several bottles to share the special nutritional benefits with family.
  • Made in Canada in our GMP Government licensed facility. 30 years of quality.


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